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17 Jan 2017 Think of ice as a highly ordered crystalline solid in which the water molecules are able to bind strongly with each other. How strongly the molecules bind to each other determines how much energy, in the form of heat, will be required to break them apart. Whether its ice or an altogether different type of solid, what happens when you disrupt these inter-molecular forces (i.e. hydrogen bonding, van der Walls forces, etc.) by introducing a second chemical substance?

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Relative Density [g/cm3]. (Transcend and Enhance). ASTM D792. 1.05. Mass per unit volume as compared to water. (1.00 g/cm3). Resistance to Fungal Infestation ASTM D1413. [Brown, White Rot]. No decay. Samples are subjected to wood destroying fungi (white and brown rot) and evaluated for decay and weight loss. Screw Retention. (Transcend and Enhance). ASTM D1761. #8 screws. 1,377.25 N/m. Amount of force it takes for a screw to be removed from a deck board.

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modules within the flight deck or through simple software downloads. You enjoy enhanced capabilities while minimizing costs. Exciting new technologies are on the horizon, and your Pro Line. Fusion flight deck is poised to grow with them. They include: > Surface management system. > Synthetic vision system for credit. > Predictive wind shear. > NextGen airspace capability. Empowering human interface. Intuitiveness is designed into every point of interaction with. Pro Line Fusion.

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In short, n-alkanes with an even number of carbon atoms pack more efficiently into ordered periodic crystalline structures and thus exhibit higher densities and melt at higher temperatures, whereas n-alkanes with an odd number of carbon atoms do not pack as effectively, and Edit: For completeness, this is the article they link to that originally proved the effect experimentally: /doi/10.1002/(SICI)1521-3773(19990401)38:7%3C988::AID-ANIE988%3E3.0.