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the case of excessive static buildup on an installed PVC or capped PE deck, Fiberon recommends the following procedure: 1. Remove loose debris from the deck surface. 2. Dilute ACL Staticide? Concentrate 1 part to 39 parts water (1:39). 3. Spray or mop entire surface of the deck. Allow to air dry. Do not attempt to wipe the

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A. The contractor shall provide a cellular, PVC deck of the design, style and strength defined herein. This PVC material is C. Several hidden fastener systems are compatible with VEKAdeck PRO installation. PART 3 - Install 2 deck screws at each joist or use another VEKA approved fastening method;. See Approved

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AVOID GLUING & CAULKING. DO NOT use glue or caulk to fasten MIRRITE or to seal the joint between two deck boards or other surface. This will inhibit the natural expansion and contraction of the deck boards and will impede the drainage of the deck. (Note exception for affixing MIRRITE fascia board. See page 7.).

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Commercial Installation. WOOD SURFACES. CONCRETE SURFACES. Installation Method for Cellular PVC or. Hollow-Core Composite Decking. To achieve maximum installation strength -. Hollow Core Composite or Cellular PVC deck boards should be notched/cut out around Structural Post. Mount and Structural Post

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This section describes welding and fastening methods used to install JM PVC roofing systems, including: installing hot air welding membrane sections, using prefabricated JM PVC-. Coated Metal parts, fasteners used to anchor the roof to the roof deck, and adhesive application of the membrane. Seaming Precautions.