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T-STRAND OSB Products. T-STRAND OSB cargo Floor panels are a superior enhanced flooring engineered for strength and durability and will support your trailer from the job-site, to the bush, and across the country. T-STRAND OSB cargo wall panels feature the bright white fibres of Tolko's Canadian Aspen wood. They strike the balance between strength and weight for a sturdy, lightweight trailer.

mywoodwall USA – DIY Peel & Press Wood Wall Paneling

mywoodwall // Real Wood wall paneling. From decorative wall art to a fun way to embrace modern design, mywoodwall is a fantastic application to transform your space and a great alternative to paint and wallpaper. Durable, easy to apply and 100% sustainably sourced, our real wood wall paneling will turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Just 'Peel and Press' to create a feature wall from any bare surface or add stylish highlights to any room by using mywoodwall wood paneling.

Weekend Walls: Peel & Stick Wood Walls

Simply Peel and Stick. Weekend walls is the designer's best kept secret that is now available directly to you. The unique touch you have always wanted for your space is only a weekend away. Our real wood paneling is easy to install and includes free shipping in the US for orders over 100 Sf.

Octaform PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

Line Your walls & Ceiling With Durable, Hygienic PVC NOW SHIPPING WITH OCTAforM SNAP-TRIM (pat. pend). Quick-Liner-Logo-1. The technology that is already protecting concrete from some of the harshest environments in the world can now protect your existing walls and ceiling. PVC Panel Installation Octaform Quick Liner fastens to your structure and instantly transforms dark and dingy walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion, fade and dirt.