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Adopt policies to phase out and eliminate phthalates and PVC plastic in other products sold in their stores, such as carpeting, garden hoses, mini blinds, roofing The best option is to purchase PVC-free flooring whenever possible, as from production to disposal PVC uses and releases other hazardous chemicals.

New Study Rates Best and Worst Garden Hoses: Lead, Phthalates

Jun 17, 2016 High levels of toxic lead and phthalate chemicals are still present in many garden and yard water hoses today, according to researchers at the Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center. The new research also discovered that half of the vinyl (PVC) hoses tested contained electronic waste (e.

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Aug 23, 2017 PVC is used to make pipes, pipe fittings, pipe conduits, vinyl flooring, and vinyl siding. It is used to make wire and cable coatings, packaging materials, wrapping film, gutters, downspouts, door and window frames, gaskets, electrical insulation, hoses, sealant liners, paper and textile finishes, thin sheeting,

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INDOOR Helena J?rnstr?m, Sirje Vares & Miimu Airaksinen. Semi volatile organic compounds and flame retardants. Occurrence in indoor environments and risk chamber that was used to measure the PVC sample. .. Phthalate compounds can be found in the following indoor materials: flooring materials (PVC), vinyl.

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Sep 21, 2015 PVC is an inherently fire resistant plastic, the only exception among the general-purpose plastics, since it contains more than 50% of… large quantities of fire retardants, but it would be difficult for these plastics to compete with the versatility of flexible PVC products whose softness can be controlled with

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Oct 25, 2010 Flooring included vinyl (PVC) samples, along with real linoleum (vinyl sometimes passes itself off as linoleum), bamboo, ceramic tiles, hardwood, and cork. Previous studies have found that harmful chemicals in building materials linger, creating indoor air pollution that's worse than outdoor pollution and

How (and Why) to Avoid Toxic PVC (Vinyl) Plastic in Every Day

Feb 3, 2015 The good news is that linoleum flooring looks and feels much like vinyl, but it's an eco-friendly choice that is durable, biodegradable and made with natural HealthyStuff.org tested 21 different garden hoses and found phthalates (endocrine-disruptors), antimony and bromine (markers of flame retardants

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Our flame retardant PVC coated fabrics meet the stringent requirements imposed by the State inflatables, gym floor covers, gym divider curtains, airline container curtains 110 yard rolls. White, Tan, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black. C18402-18 oz. FR. 61 1/4″ width. 110 yard rolls. Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black

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Sep 29, 2011 New studies have underscored the potentially harmful health effects of the most widely used flame retardants, found in everything from baby blankets to carpets. Health experts are now calling for more aggressive action to limit these chemicals, including cutting back on highly flammable, petroleum-based

New Study of picnic supplies finds lead, phthalates, flame

Aug 8, 2013 These chemicals include lead, bromine (brominated flame retardants), chlorine (PVC and chlorinated flame retardants), cadmium, arsenic, Phthalates — chemical additives used to soften PVC products — were prominent in vinyl tablecloth, vinyl coated fabric chairs, water toys and garden hoses. 22% of