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Simply Put Ductile Iron Pipe is Superior. Ductile Iron versus Substitute Materials. Why Ductile Iron Pipe is Superior to pvc Pipe. Ductile Iron Pipe is stronger, easier to tap, requires less support, and provides greater flow areas compared to pvc pipe. These are just a few of the advantages that Ductile Iron Pipe has over pvc pipe. For more information, please review the document links below: Ductile Iron Pipe versus pvc · Ductile Iron Pipe versus pvc (FRENCH) · Ductile Iron Pipe 

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Vinyl is commonly used as a shorthand name for polyvinyl chloride (pvc) plastic as used in a range of products from flooring to siding to wall covering. Most commonly, when a direct substitutes for pvc. EVA has been in use for several years as a chlorine free substitute for. pvc – primarily in non building materials like toys and athletic shoes, but occasionally as a protective film or binder. In the building industry, post-consumer recycled PVB is now beginning to be used to replace 

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substitute material, and incur the associated $2.8 billion per year in capital recovery charges. The avoidance of these costs is part of the benefit that pvc brings to consumers. Thus, the total direct and indirect benefits of access to pvc to consumers in the United States and Canada amount to over $20 billion per year. I. Introduction. Polyvinyl chloride (also called vinyl or simply pvc) is a versatile thermoplastic material that is used in the production of hundreds of products that 

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Vinyl windows are everywhere. In the last twenty years pvc windows and doors became the status quo on the replacement market. What makes vinyl windows so special? pvc and Upvc windows virtually do not have any service issues, Upvc windows are a relatively low cost in comparison to similarly performing aluminium or wood windows. Vinyl windows can generally be cleaned with water and dish soap, and don't require special knowledge, or unique cleaning products.

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After a short period of time, your wood furniture looks old and needs replacement. While the initial cost of plastic furniture is higher, it is a more cost-efficient long-term investment because it does not require replacement after a few years and requires minimal maintenance. Wood-Composites. Traditional wood-composite materials are typically manufactured using 50% plastic and 50% organic wood material, such as sawdust or other recycled wood fibers. This makes the product harder 

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21 Sep 2015 The report concluded that the adverse environmental effects of using pvc in building products do not appear to be greater than for other materials. Academic study 2. pvc Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Entec UK and Ecobalance UK, 2001. An environmental comparison of pvc and several substitute materials performed for the UK environment ministry, the LCA concluded that the life cycle impacts of pvc are not significantly higher than those of alternatives. The study 

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products by-products from ethylene production. In addition, none of these alternatives requires phthalate plasticizers to be soft and flexible (although they could be used and care should be taken to prevent this) and all require less overall additives than pvc. When they do contain additives, these additives make up a much smaller percentage (0-2% of the polymer mixture), in comparison to up to 50% phthalate content in pvc toys. Furthermore, it appears that the alternatives are.

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Product comparison. Sustainable plastic wood alternatives made from high-density polyethylene, like the material used by EPS Solutions, are the preferred materials and offer the most benefits to the consumer. However, there are a variety of wood-substitutes, each with their own distinct properties and characteristics. Wood. Wood has been a standard building material for centuries. However, with the rise of global warming and deforestation, wood-alternatives are increasing in 

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of the alternatives have higher initial purchase prices than pvc products, but are actually less expensive over the useful life of the product. Commercial flooring provides an example: among the flooring options we examined, vinyl has the lowest installed cost; but due to its shorter lifetime and higher maintenance requirements, it may have the highest life-cycle cost. In such cases, rather than making a decision based on initial costs alone, purchasers can save money by comparing the 

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Single-family houses (raw construction): comparison between blockhouse, timber-frame house and conventional brick house (all of approximately the same k-value);. • Simple large At the end of life cycle, the CO2-neutral waste wood substitutes the fossil fuels as biomass for energy generation. However, when the entire life cycle is considered, the wooden window is the most favourable product and the pvc and aluminium windows are placed second and third, respectively.

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Cellular pvc Windows. ENVIROGUARD pioneered the use of cellular pvc for double-hung and casement windows. Cellular pvc is the no-rot, high energy savings alternative to wood, vinyl and other window and millwork materials. vinyl windows which are thinner and can lead to warping. Other Differences: Architectural Style – vinyl replacement windows do not look like wood where Cellular pvc windows have the same architectural moldings as traditional wood windows.

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about the new siding materials. This article will cover some aspects of the pvc or pvc/Wood composites being used today, what they are, who they are, and the pros and cons of use. Any of you who have had to replace wood trim in the last ago. The timber and lumber industry has worked hard to provide us with the wood building products demanded by our growing society. This is after all, a renewable resource. The current species of trees from which these wood products are