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1 Nov 2008 To allow for drainage between the house and the deck, many builders put spacers between the deck ledger and the rim joist. A Colorado company has developed a plastic standoff that makes that connection weathertight — and doesn't require the removal of either siding or flashing. J Squared Manufacturing's Attach-A-deck fittings are manufactured from polypropylene and sized to fit a 2 1/2-inch hole drilled through the siding to the face of the rim joist. One half of the 

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Temporarily attach the ledger in the desired location. 3. Drill holes as required for fasteners. Avoid joist locations and vertical grooves in siding if applicable. Refer to deck ledger. Fastening Table on reverse side for the correct spacing of fasteners. Consult a designer or building official if needed. 4. Remove ledger, center deck2wall Spacers™ over bolt holes and attach spacers to the building side of the ledger. To comply with the D2W58 fastening table, install each spacer with 3-#8 x 

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8 Oct 2015 In 2013 decks Unlimited (maker of the deck2Wall spacer) had testing done by Washington State University using the original deck2Wall spacer with lag screws and the new deck2Wall SWS spacer with Simpson Strongtie's SDWS structural wood screws. The company provides a fastener spacing table based on the testing and lists both 40 lb. and 60 lb. live load spacing. The screw spacing in the table is much more generous than even the standard ledger-in-contact 

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11 Aug 2016 They allow the deck framing to stand off the wall, simplifying waterproofing measures and limiting thermal bridging, especially in a situation like the ProHOME, with continuous exterior insulation. a beam, and needs to be sized accordingly, following prescriptive or custom calculations for deck beams. (The company recommends using a registered design professional, and installing brackets no more than 8 ft. on center.) Doubled ledger (MDB image) Doubled ledger

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Prevent rot from occurring at deck ledger connections by using deck2wall Spacers. The plastic spacers provide a space for water and debris to flow harmlessly through the assembly. The space between the ledger and house helps prevent the accumulation of moisture and promotes circulation and drying. Versatile design helps prevent rot at deck ledgers, stair stringers, shade structures, posts and more; 11/16 in. diameter bolt hole accepts up to a 5/8 in. hex bolt for extra heavy loads 

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We manufacture brackets for attaching decks, Stairs, Signs and other appendages to buildings.

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*When your home has an EWP rim board that you will be attaching the deck ledger to, different spacing other than the engineering stamped onsite spacing charts can be achieved for the BR Brick Bracket spacing. The onsite EWP engineer stamped bracket spacing charts are engineer spaced for an EWP rim board, with a manufacturer rating of an allowable load of 300lbs/350lbs per bracket/bolt. You may be using an EWP rim board that has a manufacturer rating of a higher allowable 

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ICC-IAS Accredited Lab Test US Patents: 6,945,004 and 8,087,207. Site Last Updated: 14 March 2017. deck2Wall Spacer "Don't let your deck rot your house!" deck2Wall Spacer. NEWS. Welcome our distributors. PrimeSource Building Products · Huttig logo. Anchorage, AK Auburn, WA Medford, OR Tigard, OR Sacramento, CA. Galt, CA Eureka, CA Perris, CA. Kansas City, MO. Minneapolis, MN. Ontario, Canada. Kansas City, KS. decks Unlimited is a proud 

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or top of the deck ledgers and between 2"-5" in from the ends. The lag screws or bolts shall be staggered from the top to the bottom along the horizontal run of the deck ledger. IRC 2009 Section R502. ✓ deck ledger connections not conforming to . The standoff plate raises the post end off the concrete, keeping it drier and reducing the chances of decay. for best long-term results, Simpson Strong-Tie recommends that a base with a standoff be used in exterior-wet applications.

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10 Dec 2010 Your stand-off method puts more stress on the fasteners. If you have your ledger tight against the rim joist it's much stronger. If it's flashed properly you won't have to worry about spacers.” Flashing, of course, is key. Any water trapped behind the ledger can induce rot, if not in the ledger itself than in sheathing and framing of the house. The high risk of decay drives builders to seal the connection carefully, with a stick-and-peel membrane like Vycor against the house, 

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25 Dec 2017 The days of staggering bolts every 16 inches or so are over—especially if you want to step down to the deck.

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1 Jan 2015 Poorly designed ledger connections can trap moisture between your deck and house, which can lead to decay. This condition causes costly repairs to your home and is often a contributing factor when a deck collapses. deck2wall. Spacers™ will help prevent decay. Use engineered fastening tables to determine the distance between fasteners. IAS ACCREDITED LAB TESTED. *No pilot holes*. *Rugged, durable, non corrosive*. *Faster, easier and stronger than 

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Don't let your deck rot your house. The deck2Wall Spacer is designed to help prevent rot from occurring at deck ledger connections. The spacers separate the ledger from the supporting structure, providing.

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Building a safe deck: up to date code and safety concerns. or porch is up today's safety standards. 1. Inadequate footing and post connection: deck posts that have direct contact with concrete footings end up rotting sooner than posts that are sitting on and attached to a post base standoff. Inadequate ledger to house connections:The ledger is responsible for ½ of the decks weight and nails alone are not strong enough to hold a deck onto a house. for a strong connection install ½” 

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A Key Aspect of Building a deck is How it Attaches to the House. Key factors to consider: Longevity. Even under the best conditions, many outdoor structures will need regular maintenance and eventual replacement. The right materials can significantly extend service life, making higher initial costs worthwhile. Structural integrity. In-ground concrete piers and wood framing, not full-depth foundations, typically support exterior decks and porches. Framing materials, connectors, and