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Installation, Care and Technical Guide LunaComp Deck

www.lunacomp.fi. installation, Care and Technical Guide. LunaComp Deck. Thank you for choosing LunaComp decking. We are confident that you will enjoy your sustainable, ecological and low maintenance deck. LunaComp Deck is a thermowood composite designed and manufactured in finland. This innovative product is made using a patented production method using by-products of thermal wood manufacturing and plastic polymers. LunaComp Deck boards are easy to care for, 

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The properties of bamboo are similar to the best hardwoods without the felling of endangered species, the surface is durable and the gap between the boards is very small and even. No pvc is used. The plastic which is added to the material is pure polypropylene. There are no nutrients in thermowood fibres so there are no added toxic biocides. LunaComp Deck is manufactured in finland where the thermowood fibre material is produced, so transportation costs are minimal 

UPM ProFi WPC Floor tile Elegance with ease

Thanks to the simple installation system and advanced material properties UPM ProFi Floor is a good solution for shops, show rooms and fair stands as well. Founded by the legendary Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto and friends 1935, Artek is renowned for being one of the most innovative contributors to modern design. The advanced composite technology provides UPM ProFi Floor superior resistance to UV, when compared to traditional composite or wood decks.

UPM ProFi wpc decking for professional installers

Advanced wpc decking installation and project support, including details of UPM ProFi's Professional installer Programme. WPC decking › Total Care and Maintenance › Warranty documents on Extranet. ​ WPC decking Designed and made in finland - Germany - USA. Horizontal divider in superior resistance to moisture absorption and stains. However, unlike pure plastic capped boards, UPM ProFi products are protected to the core and feel much more natural to the touch.

UPM ProFi Deck

composite decking can be washed so clean that one can walk on it with socks. We would not have built such a big terrace from a material which requires constant and heavy maintenance.” in 2010, Family Sinkkonen installed a UPM ProFi Deck in Stone Grey. intelligent deck design. Designed in finland and manufactured in Germany,. UPM ProFi Deck's high impact resistant hollow structure enables intelligent deck design. UPM ProFi. Heating Cables can be installed inside the boards.

Lunawood - Lunawood Thermowood Plastic Composite Lunawood

in construction, you have to have confidence in the materials used. Lunawood Thermowood Plastic Composite (TWPC) is the most stable on the market due to its unique content. It holds its Due to its unique composition, Lunawood TWPC is durable and most stable wood composite decking available in the market. Lunawood contains Thermowood fibers that are more stable than unmodified dimensions (mm), 26x140. length (m), 4 m/6 m. 1 m², 6,85 m. package, 84 boards/package