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Frosted Plexiglass, Satin Touch Acrylite, Textured Patio Plastic, non

Material, Application. Non-Glare Ultra-Light Matte P99, Best for high-end artwork. Non-Glare Light Matte, Matte level between P99 and P95. Great for art and text. Medium Matte/Satin P95, Matte level between P99 and frost. Designed for signs and displays. UV Filtering Non-Glare P99 OP3, High clarity for text, images, & artwork with UV protection. Clear UV Filtering OP2, OP2 = Clear cast sheet with UV protection. Clear UV Filtering OP3, OP3 = Clear extruded sheet with UV protection.

Beautiful Glass Railing by Invisirail

11 Jan 2017 Longest Railing Span In The Industry. Make the most of your view. InvisiRail is the only railing system on the market that can span up to 6 feet. InvisiRail is tempered and heat soaked 10mm glass. It has 19 standard panel sizes to accommodate virtually any deck. Aluminum Glass Deck Railings 

Acrylic Patio Covers - Patio Cover Kits

Our patio cover packages come complete with your choice of roof style, your choice of ACRYLITE® acrylic panels, aluminum framing system (choice of color for standard posts and beams, fascia, gutters and downpipes, capping, etc.) and all gaskets, fasteners and finishing accessories. Classic Covers also include aluminum hanging rail with end caps and flashing. Our patio cover kits can be further customized with optional extended post heights and alternate or additional beams 

Architecture & Construction Perspex

Domestic Use. The versatile nature of Perspex<sup>®</sup> acrylic allows it to be used all around the interior and exterior of the house. Some common examples are: Doors; Windows; Canopies; Balustrades; balcony guards; Car ports; Patio roofing; Luminaires; Greenhouses and gardens; Kitchen cupboard doors and splash backs; Bathrooms&nbsp;

Best 25+ Clear plexiglass sheets ideas on Pinterest Patio privacy

Find and save ideas about Clear plexiglass sheets on Pinterest. See more ideas about Patio privacy, Backyard cabana and Privacy curtains.

Plexiglass vs. Tempered Glass Dengarden

21 Nov 2017 plexiglass and tempered glass are great for using in situations where you don't want broken glass with sharp edges going everywhere. They have plexiglass, which is a clear man-made plastic, becomes soft and pliable with the application of heat and hardens when cooled. This heating and plexiglass. plexiglass is used in products such as balcony barriers and windows with a high likelihood of breaking or shattering, as well as display cases for commercial use.

Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets - Discount Plexiglas® Acrylic plastic

plexiglass Acrylic offers a 92% light transmittance, can be easily cut with power saws and routers and thermo-formed without loss of optical clarity. It will not yellow in the sun and light scratches can easily be removed. plexiglass can be used for architectural glazing, trade show exhibits, skylights, map/photo covers, art/document preservation, vehicle glazing, electronic equipment panels, framing medium, infrared windows, machinery glazing, brochure/ad holders, safety glazing, lenses,&nbsp;

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist Strong Acrylic Sheet Perfect For Patio Roof

PLEXIGLAS® Resist is the strong acrylic sheet that is perfect for outdoor use in patios. It is an impact-modified acrylic with excellent weather resistance.

Plexiglass panels for balcony - where to purchase and install

Hi all, We recently signed a contract for a 3rd floor apartment in Thalwil. While there is a railing around the balcony, with three boys we are nervous about it and we are looking to have plexiglass installed all the way around to increase the height. Does anyone know where we can purchase these panels, as well as a company that can come to install them? Thanks in advance. Jim&nbsp;

Patio Cover Options Lumon

With its clean lines, our glass patio covers look sleek, clean and elegant. patio cover, wood patio cover, glass patio cover, outdoor living space, aluminum. If summer heat is a concern, our acrylic patio cover protects against hot and damaging UV rays while allowing light to filter through. These acrylic patio covers have little in common with plastic patio covers that turn yellow and brittle over time. Our acrylic patio panels are engineered in Germany. They're durable, low maintenance&nbsp;

Childproofing Balconies & Decks - Safe Beginnings

You can make your deck safer with a bit of carpentry work (i.e. installing additional balusters or custom installed Plexiglas/Lexan) or by installing a specially designed safety product such as a balcony shield or deck netting. Remember to also check the distance between the bottom railing and the deck floor to make sure that this distance does not exceed 4" either. Safety gates can be installed on decks to create a confined area within your deck and to prevent access to stairs.