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Explore framing and decking options for Wildeck Standard Mezzanines. Find out how Wildeck, a leading mezzanine floor supplier, can help you.

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The mezzanine surface deck may be composed of steel bar grating, high density wood; sturdy floor on b-deck, diamond plate or smooth metal decking, moisture resistant materials, concrete, and heat treated decking. Some of these features make mezzanine flooring capable of withstanding heavy duty pallet jack and cart

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Concrete needs time to cure, ResinDek is supplied with a factory finish, so once ResinDek is installed it's done. The material cost per square foot for ResinDek is less than that of concrete. ResinDek Cost Saving Flooring System. Concrete with Corrugated Deck. Concrete with Corrugated Steel Deck weighs 45lbs/sqft.

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Apr 6, 2017 Traditional wide span designs require fewer support columns, but cause higher loads per column, increasing the need for additional concrete footings. ADS can help determine Mezzanines are available with a variety of flooring material depending on the usage of the mezzanine. Steel roof decking is the

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Mezzanine, Elevated Platform Decking Options. There are several options for decking steel mezzanines or platforms, depending on use of the structure. Those options include: Metal Roof Decks ? ResinDek? ? Floor Plates ? Wood Panels ? Concrete ? Bar Grating

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Cubic Designs offers unique mezzanine decking & mezzanine flooring options for your system. Options include: ResinDek, Concrete, Steel Plate, Plywood & more.

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Feb 10, 2016 In this post, I'll be going over your options when choosing the right floor for your mezzanine. Concrete. The above options are the most common, and there are others as well. When thinking about which decking to choose, you must carefully consider your application and exactly how you will be using the

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While ResinDek offers an upgraded mezzanine floor from Advantech, if durability is a serious factor in your decking decision, you may want to consider a diamond plate or concrete floor. Heavy-duty steel tread plate (diamond plate) is generally installed over Advantech. Advantech is mounted over corrugated steel deck to

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Concrete over B-deck is a strong mezzanine flooring option that is noncombustible and easy to clean. It's a permanent structure that is poured in place and is the most expensive flooring option available. Concrete is the ideal choice for heavy manufacturing and extremely wet wash down areas. Concrete over B-deck

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Portafab offers several different mezzanine flooring options in a wide variety of colors. Our professional design staff can assist you in choosing the correct mezzanine flooring for your needs. The following decks are our standard Steel decking is provided with components needed to accept pour of 4-inch concrete floor.

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From resin board, steel grating, and concrete, Cogan offers a variety of mezzanine flooring options suited for varying durability and load capacity needs.

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US Mezzanines flooring systems come in a variety of types, each tailored to meet the specific needs and load capacity requirements of your mezzanine. Choose between composite resin board over a corrugated steel deck, open bar grating and open steel planking. Concrete flooring is also available. ?. Flooring Options

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Roof Deck & Concrete, 20 gauge painted steel roof deck* with light-weight concrete. For fire ratings and/or chemical applications. NOTE: Mezzanine is no longer demountable with this deck. Bar Grating, 1" x 1/8" painted steel bar grating (NAAMM). Open design for ventilation and/or fire regulation. If assembly processes with