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boston, Massachusetts. 'Il—fm-SS re. Msmun. Mayor. Number: Issued: Effective: 2008-1. March 5, 2008. March 12, 2008. Subject: certification of roof deckS. Purpose: This bulletin is issued to establish guidelines for the certification of roof decks in accordance with CBC 9-9.13 Regulating Access to. roof Areas of Buildings with Residential Units. Determination: 1. Policy. The city of boston has enacted an ordinance to regulate the use of roofs as areas of recreation and as 

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The application form is the same for all Landmarked properties in boston, Historic Districts, Individual. Landmarks, and dates online at, also available at boston city Hall, Room 709. Applications may be filed in person, by messenger, or by mail addressed to the Environment Department, boston city Hall,. Room 709, boston, MA 02201. Emailed applications are Sample: “Replace existing roof deck with new, expand size by three feet.” Where proposed 

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We are made up of five regulatory divisions whose aim is to protect and improve the quality of life for all boston residents. Our mission is to serve the public by protecting the health, safety, and environmental stability of boston's business and residential communities. Learn more about our work.

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25 Mar 2016 If you are a physician, an optometrist, a podiatrist, an electrologist, or an osteopath, you need to register with the city. You have three options: file your certificate online. You can register as a physician using our online portal. We need to know your medical license number. There is a one-time filing fee of $100. For online payments, we take credit or debit cards. We send a copy of your filing to the Massachusetts State Board of Medical Licensing. Step. 1 

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For information related to registering a corporation with the State, contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth at 617-727-9640 or All unincorporated businesses and any corporation that is doing business in the city of. boston and not registered in Massachusetts must file a Business Certificate form, also known as a Doing Business As (DBA) form, with the office of the city Clerk. The only exception to the registration requirement is if you will be 

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The design review application form is the same for all Landmarked properties in boston - Historic Districts and Individual Landmarks - and boston city Hall, Room 709. Applications may be hand delivered in person between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5. p.m. Monday through Friday, or by mail addressed to the Environment Department, boston city Hall, Room. 709, boston, MA 02201. Emailed Sample: “Replace existing roof deck with new, expand size by three feet.” Where proposed 

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13 Sep 2017 The city added a new zoning amendment, Article 27S - South boston Interim Planning Overlay District. Because of this amendment, all South boston permit applications require more steps before we can approve them. Regulations. You need a long form application for work greater than 1,000 square feet. Your application will also before the Zoning Board of Appeal. For work less than 1000 square feet, we need a notarized statement from the owner or contractor 

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Anyone filing an application for a. Certificate of Appropriateness is, therefore, encouraged to read these guidelines carefully, to consult in advance with the staff of the Environment Department or to refer to the books and articles listed at the end of these guidelines. Applications are available from the Environment Department, city Hall, Room . roof decks and deck enclosures that are visible from a public way are inappropriate to the historic district. Opaque screening fences on roofs 


rooftop mechanical equipment and elevator overrides shall be incorporated into the volume of any proposed addition. INAPPROPRIATE ADDITIONS Additions to buildings distinguished by complex roof forms and additions to comer buildings are discouraged. Additions to pre-existing addition multi-story additions, and roof decks on top of roof additions are inappropriate. PENTHOUSE DESIGN Proposals for new or renovated penthouses shall Integrate with all building elevations.

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which are of historical, social, cultural, architectural or aesthetic significance to the city and the commonwealth, the New Owners contemplating exterior changes to their properties should contact the commission office to file an application for .. 2. roof decks, including decking and railing, should not be visible from any public way. Partial visibility of the railing may be allowed on a case-by-case basis based on criteria listed in #1 above. Any visible railings must be black metal. 3.

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7 Mar 2018 The boston Landmarks Commission preserves landmarked historic properties in the city. We do Proposed changes can include but are not limited to: roof decks, additions, window replacement, general repairs, painting, masonry cleaning or repointing, signage, awnings, new balconies, porches, decks, stairs, etc. The nine The design review process and application form are the same for the historic district commissions, but the districts' hearing schedules differ.

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22 Jun 2017 Get your info together before you search. to perform a search to look up permit records from the past, all you need is the address of the property. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. If you're looking for the status of a current permit application, please use our Permit Finder website. Step. 2. Search our online databases. We have a couple of options for searching permits: Search for document images for all permits (Please note: to view building plans, you must come in person to 


Certificate of Exemption: 1. Ordinary maintenance and repair involving no change in design, material, color and outward appearance, including such items as: exterior cleaning programs (including chemical surface cleaning), repainting masonry .. D. roofs. Refer to section 11.2A, B and/or C regarding treatment of materials. Intent. 1. Each period and style of architecture has distinctive roof forms and sheathing materials that are a primary feature of the buildings. The intent of the roof 

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15 Jul 2016 a full description of the work you'll be doing; an estimate for the total cost of your project; identification, including trade licenses for all contractors; a copy of the agreement between the contractor and homeowner (if you're the contractor), and; the homeowner waiver, only if you are the homeowner and will be doing the work yourself. You may also need to give us this information, if it applies: the rodent control number for basement and groundwork; a health certificate for