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27 Jun 2011 So this is one of my installments on restoring my 22 foot aluminum Sylvan boat. The boat is an The vinyl all throughout the boat was pretty much shot so in my ultimate wisdom I decided to take on the project and redo the interior. Heck, I sewed back in So the box was built out of 1/2" plywood in two pieces, a three sided lower portion joined to the floor and transom and the top with is three sides with a top that will flip forward to access the engine. The entire box is 

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23 May 2014 Step 5: Finishing Touches. Picture of Finishing Touches. Once you have your boat painted you can deck it out with whatever you like. I went with 2 swivel seats so it would be comfortable and bought a 75lb trust trolling motor along with a 5.5 hp johnson outboard motor. I found a cheap trailer in Craigslist and am installing compartments under the benches soon so I can store stuff. I will post pics once I finish. This is my first instructible so please let me know how I did

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21 May 2014 I set out to build a floating dock for a local music festival on the bayou. Bayou Boogaloo is my favorite festival in New Orleans, primarily because of its vicinity to and the capable use of Bayou St. John to enjoy this growing free festival. For years we have tied up my pirouge and various other canoes and blowup boats to create a virtual floatilla of barges in the bayou while enjoying the 3 separate stages of music; moving up and down the bayou to enjoy each 

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7 aug 2016 Here is how I built a deck in my backyard. It's a "floating deck," which means it simply rests on blocks at ground level. By comparison, a raised deck is supported by a framework that requires sufficient anchoring to keep it from falling over. Since ground-level decks can't fall over, they simply "float" on the ground. Building a deck is a lot of work, and it isn't cheap. But it is do-able and you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself rather than hiring it out. The total cost for 

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15 apr 2013 This is a fiber glass catamaran stand up paddle board or simply SUP. SUP boards are more related to a boat like construction rather than a surfboard. The sport of

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UPDaTE: The canopy was too weak and a strong wind knocked it over, luckily I have some materials to build a new and improved one. This one will come with se

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18 Sep 2013 although Chinese fishing boats are usually long and narrow, I had to adapt the design to fit the low cost of this build--I only have a budget of about $150, which includes wood, resin, etc. The end result is much shorter than (You want marine or exterior decking quality wood. Find one that is straight and that has very few .. another fix is to attach a pontoon made from a thick PVC pipe with its ends sealed up to the side of the boat. The pontoon will need to be 5-6 feet 

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27 Mar 2014 We're planning on painting it to prevent it from rotting. Last but not least the bottom will be a complete overhaul, with two more barrels styrofoam to insulate it and possible sheet metal to cover it and make two big pointed pontoons. . in tow truck),tuff coated decks the list goes on and on and it can operated in only 16inches of water !!!!..if your interested in more pics or plans email me at keep building boats not buying them guys!

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14 Mar 2015 Mini pontoon boat made from wooden skewers. Step 2: deck. Picture of deck. cut skewers to about an inch and a half put some super glue between the grooves to hold it in place to form the deck. add Tip ask Question Comment Download Step 5: deck Finishing Touches. Picture of deck Finishing Touches. time to glue the little pieces in to place to finish up the deck. add Tip ask Question Comment Download 

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24 apr 2008 Typical small boats have transoms made of wood, as the years pass the wood will rot and become useless. This instructable will guide you in removing, fabricating and

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21 Sep 2013 Then again, I have heard several people talk about the potential corrosion my boat can incur from the aluminum hull sitting on carpet, wet with salt water and wrapped around pressure treated wood. Works great on my 24 ft pontoon, It used to be a two hand cranking job to load my old 24 ft pontoon, now it cranks on with one hand. Thank you InTheBin for all the information about plastic decking and aluminum-- I did not know that 6061 was an issue in Saltwater.

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13 Dec 2007 about 6 months ago (laughingly called summer here in the UK) my aunty wanted a deck to replace a patio that had been destroyed during some building work they had had can buy the top and bottom rails and uprights for between the posts for the classy look and to stop your mates falling off it when they've been supping the sauce! They are dead easy to screw on especially when you've done such a good job of concreting in the posts. Finishing touches; Lights.

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16 Jun 2007 Go from sketch to model to fullsize solid boat hull in easy steps using my FOaMboat method. Wrapping The photo is 1-inch to the foot drawing of my first pontoon, P1, used to work out the techniqes, and it is all that is needed to create all the components for a model and, scaled up, for the 15-foot hull itself. Vary the . The next hull I constructed was the streamlined P05, and I used the same thin marine plywood for the deck plate that I used for the other wood pieces.

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6 Sep 2012 I had a saw, a drill and a measuring tape (as well as painting tools and protective gear and pliers etc the usual small tools) The boat was built entirely from my head (I drew stuff down of course) without any marine knowledge of any sorts when i began (google searches quickly remedied . You do not have a centreboard, instead you have side pontoons (the centreboard acts as a counter balance when the boat rocks from side to side as the wind blows into the sail)

Convert a Hobie Cat From Sail to Power (Cheap Pontoon Boat): 5

31 aug 2016 This instructable will explain how to create a device to attach a small outboard motor to a Hobie 16 and turn it into a very fun cheap cruising boat Picture of Convert a Hobie Cat From Sail to Power (Cheap pontoon boat). This instructable will explain how to create a The mount is mainly made of 12 guage 1 3/4"x1 3/4" square mild steel tubing and the end plates that the bolts go through are 1/4" steel plate ("borrowed" from a mower deck). The transom is 3/16" 

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10 Feb 2014 Many old boats built before fiberglass and marine epoxies had canvas impregnated with paint for the decks. . I did the painting in my unheated, but well ventilated, garage, then brought the hatch inside to dry (cold out, with a snow storm coming) while the vapors aren't as bad as epoxy they can still build up in your body and make you allergic to On a teardrop, have 6 inches of the wall fabric go up onto the roof, and 6 inches go down under the bottom of the floor.